Est. 2007
Turenki | FI

What I'm doing right know?

Here is a short list stuff I'm working on.

Main focus

Building new e-commerce for a long time client. This is second redesign in past 10 years. Things change and evolve quite quickly. Also old stuff piles up. It's cool we can press reset and start from clean plate.

Minor things

I work only one big project at the time. In addition to e-commerce project, I'm helping handful of regular clients on various smaller things, like


I'm reading Stephen Dubner's and Steven Levitt's books. Freakonomics, SuperFreakonomics, Think Like a Freak and When to Rob a Bank. Been a long time Freakonomics Radio listener, so it's cool finally read these books.

Updated June 16th, 2021. Now-page is inspired by Derek Sivers.